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Suggestions for increasing productivity and maintaining a low distraction environment.

Ashwin Jayaprakash


Computer setup

Email with simple prioritization

Gmail with Multiple inboxes enabled:

  1. Inbox (Only certain important unclassified emails stay in Inbox
    1. The other emails have filters such as this: Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "gerrit_or_build" )
  2. JIRA/Wiki (label:jira-wiki (mentioned OR "P1" OR label:starred) -in:trash)
  3. Code reviews
    1. BitBucket ( is:unread {"Fred Flintstone" "Homer Simpson" "Mickey Mouse"} )
    2. Github (repo:openjdk/jdk type:pr state:open author:def author:abc author:xyz)
  4. Misc (-in:trash AND label:misc)

Stress free IM (Slack etc)

  1. No pop-up notifications

Distraction free computer

Misc tools

Other devices (Phone / tablet)

Bed time

Interesting reading